Release Management

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Release Management

The goal of Release Management is to ensure that integrity of the live environment is protected and that correct Hardware or Software components are released. You can handle releases by recording your rollout plans and tasks, which can be assigned to appropriate release management team members associates or groups, who will deal with the assigned work until the release has been properly deployed.

SMART Service Desk, can easily be integrated, with various network and system monitoring tools – alerting the service desk of issues, and potentially fixing them, before your end users and customers even know there is anything wrong. For example using Integration, with Microsoft’s System Center Operation Manager (SCOM), you can create rules, so that when an event happens, such as a failed server notification, an incident is created in SMART and alerts are send to appropriate support staff or support group

Features & Benefits

  • Manage software releases as a consistent and repeatable process based on ITIL V3:2011
  • Well defined roles & responsibilities and policies for changes and releases
  • Customizable workflows to support releases cycle
  • Supports the planning, management and successful rollout of approved changes
  • Integrated with Change and Configuration Managemen
  • Achieve a higher success rate of releases.
  • Reduced service interruptions by avoiding non-compatible components.
  • Ensure that Live Software is of high quality.
  • Minimize use of illegal software
  • Enhanced control over your IT infrastructure to make it more stable and well-managed.

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