System Asset & Configuration Management

Agent less IT Assets Discovery Scans your network like magic
Agent less IT Assets
Control only Authorized Configuration Items are added to CMDB
Control only Authorized
Missing IT Devices are listed seperately for investigation
Missing IT Devices
Detailed Hardware & Software Information of Processing Units is gathered on the fly
Detailed Hardware & Software Information
Hard disk Capacity Utlization is gathered and updated in very scan
Hard disk Capacity Utlization
Discover Authorized and Un-Authorized Softwares
Discover Authorized and Un-Authorized Softwares
Software Asset Management
Software Asset Management
Know exactly who is using the licensed software
Know exactly who is using the licensed software
Group Different Software Versions under one for license accounting
Group Different Software Versions under one for license accounting
Hard disk Capacity Utlization is gathered and updated in very scan
Hard disk Capacity Utlization
Software License Compliance Monitoring and Management
Software License Compliance Monitoring and Management

System Asset & Configuration Management

SMART System Asset & Configuration Management (SACM) aims to provide reliable up-to-date details about IT Infrastructure to support the IT Service Delivery and Support process. With SMART SACM you can, Improve ticket resolution times by providing up-to-date asset information to support staff.

SMART Asset Discovery agent automatically populates the CMDB as well as the relationships between configuration items (CIs). SMART Service Desk Configuration Management goes beyond conventional Asset Management, by keeping technical information on CI’s baseline, CI’s statuses, Ownership and Location details. SMART SACM is integrated with Incident, Work Order, Service Request, Problem, Change & Release Management Modules, which allows users to link the CI / Computer Asset for which the ticket is created.

SMART SACM can be integrated with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2012 to convert system Alerts into Incident Tickets and along with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to populate discovered IT Assets into SMART CMDB.

SMART SACM will offer following benefits

  • CMDB Software for CI Discovery Captures the IT Infrastructure info such as hardware, software & services installed.
  • Ensure Licensing Compliance Reconcile licensed software with installed software.
  • Assistance in Migration projects Effortlessly analyze the current state of your IT Setup and plan any necessary hardware/software upgrades in advance.
  • Help Service desks Supports your technical support team in diagnosis of problem by providing information on hardware and software components installed on every workstation.
  • Integrated Remote Assistance Indispensable remote control software that allows you to manage any PC/Laptop/Servers remotely from SMART CMDB Console, and allows you to have audio and text chat with end users.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple or Complex Cis of varying complexity can be created, such as entire systems, single hardware items or single software modules.
  • Assets and CIs can be created with different attributes such as unique CI identifier, categoy, type, name, description, version, location, supply date, license details, owner, status and others depending on the type of CI.
  • Configuration Baseline can be created, that can be used for reverting to trusted versions.
  • Support data federation and reconciliation with other data sources within the Configurntion Management System.
  • Graphical Representation can be made to display data in the form of models and maps of the relationships between CI's.
  • Integrated with Incident, Problem, Change, Release Records to enable the creation and maintenance of the linked hierarchic and networked relationships between CI's, which can help in management reporting, by having business impact analysis, using graphical displays.
  • Change Control prevents CI records being updated without appropriate change approvals.
  • Supports recording of CI details of varying complexity from simple to complex, such as entire systems, single hardware items or single software modules.
  • automatically identify other CI's affected when any CI is the subject of an incident, probem, known error record and RFC.
  • Automatically updates version number of CI, if the version number of any of the component CI’s are changed.
  • Can add custom fields to the CI Type, without customization, using flexi fields.
  • Supports complete asset lifecycle management – end to end.
  • Support Asset acquisition – procurement, configuration and warranty tracking with a lifecycle management approach.
  • Ability to manage all critical assets that drive the business (IT and non-IT assets).
  • Support linking definitive media libraries DMLs to the CMS/CMDB.
  • Vendor and Manufacturer profiles tracking.
  • IT Asset Discovery - Automated hardware and software detection – for on-premise & cloud installations.
  • Unauthorized CI Report shows, unauthorized additions of CIs to the infrastructure.
  • Ability to interface with Inventory Control tools.
  • To automate gathering of asset and inventory information.
  • Ability to discover, verify, record, and control all Configuration Items (CIs) through their entire lifecycle.
  • Tracks all important CI Technical Attributes like Processor info, hard disks & RAM capacity.
  • Tracks all important software information such as applications installed, service packs, updates …etc or each asset.
  • Supports Software License Management.
  • Provides a unified platform for asset and service management.
  • View Track receipts, manuals and asset documentation.
  • Link assets to owners/locations/branches/departments.
  • Contract management (Annual Maintenance Contracts).
  • Support preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Ability to track both fixed and variable costs of Cis / Assets.
  • Create inventories reports/graphs to analyze trends or distribution.
  • Track invoices and service history.
  • Purchasing requests, actions and status management.
  • Built-in Remote Support and Extensible user interface for linking to external support desktop management applications, remote control and monitoring tools.
  • Generates notifications for staff depend on preventive schedule.
  • Track purchase requests information's details and link them with the related assets and vendors.
  • Create sequential asset code series based on asset type or category.
  • CI are Integrated with Incident / Requests / Problem / Change / Release records.
  • Integrates with Knowledge Management allowing for the linking of knowledge to CI records.
  • Track CI or Asset status and lifecycle management such as procurement, stored, configured, deployed, active and retired stages to support release impact analysis, planning, rollout and deployment activities.
  • Assets can be assigned to any owner in their lifecycle, with historical tracking of ownership.
  • Supports all contracts information and with email alerts before contract expiration.
  • CI records can be deleted.
  • Reduction in the volume of Incidents.
  • Provide Permanent Solutions to resolve known errors.
  • Improve first-time fix rate by service desk, by using knowledge of previously resolved incidents and problems.
  • Detect and fix issues before the users notice and report an Incident.
  • Improve quality, productivity and morale of technical support staff.
  • Analyze the pain points that are taking up staff resource

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